sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Summer Love

How I wish this moment
could last forever
cause I know I'll loose you.
When it's broken
I'll just breathe memories
and feel you.
..And we're here today
Life will split us apart
just let me embrace your life
and hugg me back
to be sure you are not a dream.
Oh, summer love
kiss me before I'm gone
before the sun rises
before the plane takes off.
Oh, summer love
how I wish this moment
could last forever
.. Walk with you by the beach
breathing perfection.
Oh, summer love
we must move on.
I will always remember you
but I gotta go!
Boy don't cry
gotta go home, 
don't wanna break your heart.
Must leave...
Don't know if I'm comming back
don't wait for me.

1 comentario:

  1. with the time passing by we realized that
    Some things last forever
    Some things we dont need anymore
    some things will run out, for no reason
    and some things will be a part of us ... at least